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POEM: chorus


does a dog have Buddha nature?
is a cat a servant of God?
what is the light that shines
    through the universe?
where does the wind go
    as it blows from the sun?
deep in the farthest darkness
    a single light blinks
calling out I AM HERE
go far enough back & we were
    all one family
there beside a river in Botswana
go farther still & everything
    you’ve ever seen or heard or
    felt on the tip of your tongue
was a single point
    in an ocean of mystery
waiting to burst forth

hear the choir sing

/ / /

Jason Crane
9 November 2019
State College PA

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  1. Tilsa Alvarado Tilsa Alvarado

    Thank you. Beautiful to know how others are inspired just by listening to the instrument that was given to us to praise Him and His glory.

  2. Jason Crane Jason Crane

    Thanks so much for reading. I appreciate it!


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