A sobering encounter

I walked up to the counter at the convenience store and removed my earbuds. As I did, I noticed that this was playing in the store:

Me to clerk: “Such a great song. I haven’t listened to this album in a while.”

Clerk: “Yeah, it’s great.”

Me: “This is what I grew up on. Genesis, Yes, ELP, King Crimson.”

Clerk: “Yeah, I remember my parents listening to this.”

Me: “You remember your parents listening to this?!?! Sweet weeping Jesus.”

And I dejectedly walked out of the store. Picked up my AARP letter from the mailbox on the way home.

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This is a humorous piece that in no way reflects my real views on aging. I say that because people keep reading it and comforting me.

2 Replies to “A sobering encounter”

  1. At least once a day I make some utterly outdated TV reference to the youngsters in my office. Or I don’t actually make the reference, but think it and feel sad that there is no one around who would get it. How hard this sort of thing must be when one is, say, 85 …

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