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VIDEO: Eric, Desiree and Jason at Full Circle Center

Last night I joined Eric Ian Farmer (guitar, vocals) and Desiree Dennis (guitar, vocals, shaker, djembe) for a show at the Full Circle Center in Mill Hall, PA. It’s a magical space dedicated to healing and mindfulness, and the acoustics … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Ady, Eric and Jason at Chumley’s

I recently had the pleasure of performing with Ady Martinez (cuatro, vocals, shakers) and Eric Ian Farmer (guitar, cajon, vocals) at Chumley’s in State College, PA. Here are both sets. These were originally on Instagram Live, thus the vertical video. … Continue reading

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POEM: energia

energia There is between us an energy. It requires no touch, no sound, no thought. It may be the origin of thought. You feel it whether you admit it or not. It’s there behind your eyes, nestled in the center … Continue reading

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Two Things

Two Things The First Thing It used to be that mental illness was a taboo subject. This was bad. The stigma created by the silence harmed many people and prevented people from living the happier lives they could have lived. … Continue reading

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I’ve been very reluctant to talk about this, but I think that sometime in the past year I’ve had one or more enlightenment experiences as a result of meditation and some life shocks. I hesitate to even use that terminology … Continue reading

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two haiku: 6 September 2018

falling locust leaves: the sound of Stan Getz’s sax obscured by mower 9.6.18 State College PA /// blue-black crows outrun a car speeding down the street; summer sun on wings 9.6.18 State College PA

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