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POEM: the bodhisattva of Naples, New York

the bodhisattva of Naples, New York for Mary Cornish They came with stories. They came to a big barn near a small town on a spring day still gripped by the memory of winter. They stood beneath a thousand tiny … Continue reading

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Remembering Travis Nixon

My friend Travis Nixon would have turned 44 today. This is part of his story. I hope you’ll listen.

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POEM: invasive species

invasive species we planted it at the foot of some low hills near a made-up border between two states soon we moved it across that line took it north, then west, then back east again we tried to give it … Continue reading

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My side career as an LL Bean model

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The Morning Mixtape: Workin’ For A Living

On my radio show, I talked about why we work and why I don’t like it.

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POEM: sandbag satori

sandbag satori I settle like a sandbag onto the zafu bones finding a resting place a contented sigh & the smell of sandalwood I close my eyes as the bell rings / / / Jason Crane 6 April 2017 State … Continue reading

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