POEM: Happy Days


Happy Days

these sidewalks are littered
with slowly fading memories
their edges are folding up
colors draining from the images

already Terrace Bagels has changed
it shrank then grew again
Thomas Wolfe once more proved right
but at least the bagels are still good

I’m three blocks from “our” place
waiting for the person you were jealous of
funny how relationships turn out
how I cling to what I can

outside the cafe door a woman
shakes a paper cup in the wind
she’s singing a song I can’t hear
as one person after another passes her by

just in case the point needed to be made
the theme from Happy Days starts playing
I watch my own reruns for a moment more
then turn off the channel and stand to hug my friend

/ / /

22 March 2014
Terrace Bagels
Windsor Terrace
Brooklyn, NY

POEM: Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

she is studying cell biology
peering into our tiniest structures
to discover what makes the touch
of your lips to mine so perfect

she moves in slow motion
adjusting her hair one strand at a time
as I pen yet another love letter
to you, whom I feared I’d lost

I thought perhaps she was a vegan
until I saw the bone beneath her rice and beans
we’ve entered the Chesapeake Bay watershed
though the bay is 300 miles away

at the rest stop, she stretches
reaching up for the whispy clouds
I imagine your hands reaching for me
like the bay you affect me, even here

/ / /

Jason Crane
21 March 2014
Somewhere In PA