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My interview with Richard Dawkins

In 2005, I interviewed biologist and noted atheist Richard Dawkins for my talk show, The Jason Crane Show. Here’s an mp3 of the interview from my subsequent 2006 podcast of The Jason Crane Show: Interview with Richard Dawkins (mp3 – … Continue reading

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Why I love Richard Dawkins

This message — except the “probably” — has been approved by Richard Dawkins, scientist and author of “The God Delusion.” (Akira Suemori/Associated Press) New York Times: Atheists Decide to Send a Message, on 800 Buses

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Sarah Vowell on the radical love of MLK

Head over to the New York Times site and check out Sarah Vowell’s newest essay, “Radical Love Gets A Holiday.”

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Mahr On Falwell, So To Speak


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Happy Birthday, Bert!

Today is the birthday of Bertrand Russell, the philosopher who wrote the extremely influential book Why I Am Not A Christian. If you’ve ever received an e-mail message from me, you’ve seen this Bertrand Russell quote at the bottom: “The … Continue reading

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