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I Got A Raise And It Made Me Angry

I Got A Raise And It Made Me Angry Yesterday I got a raise and I left work feeling very annoyed. One thing I’ve been working on a lot in my Buddhist practice is trying to both isolate the part … Continue reading

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POEM: superheroes

superheroes well into my teenage years I had Batman posters on my walls and a painting of the Dark Knight done by a friend (now departed) after every heroic action movie I emerged into daylight imagining myself stronger, faster ready … Continue reading

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POEM: Rough Boys

Listen to this poem using the player above. Rough Boys “Remember when Frankie got taken out?” Three shop stewards are sitting along a marble wall on Park Ave near Grand Central talking about the old days. “You wouldn’t fuck with … Continue reading

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Cubicle workers of the world — unite!

I don’t work in a cubicle, but I am a fan of the labor movement and thought this ad from ThinkGeek was funny: Fellow cubicledwellers, join us in solidarity against The Man. OfficeMax estimates there are 80 million cubicle workers … Continue reading

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Lincoln jailed my cousins

Today is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which seems like a good time to mention that back during the Civil War, two of my cousins were jailed by Abraham Lincoln for sedition. You can read the entire story in the March 2006 … Continue reading

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POEM: Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel Room after room after room with no stopping, no let-up. How many in a year? Five thousand? Six thousand? The human body can only take so much. So many liftings of the mattress, so many bends of the … Continue reading

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