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POEM: What We Recognize

What We Recognize There’s a red-tailed hawk on the wires above the Monro Muffler. Or maybe it’s a falcon. I don’t know for sure. I like to think I can identify more birds than I can. Like most people here … Continue reading

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I’ve been very reluctant to talk about this, but I think that sometime in the past year I’ve had one or more enlightenment experiences as a result of meditation and some life shocks. I hesitate to even use that terminology … Continue reading

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haiku: 25 August 2018

nuthatch drops three seeds finds the fourth acceptable returns to the trees 8.25.18 State College PA

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haiku: 12 August 2018

mating dragonflies try car after car; fickle shoppers at Target 8.12.18 State College PA

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haiku: 5 August 2018

grasshopper softly sits on the mallet waiting for me to begin 8.5.18 O-An Zendo /// outside the window a leaf that looks like a face “hi, leaf, my name is—” 8.5.18 O-An Zendo

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POEM: unified field theory

unified field theory to watch a hummingbird poke its long snout into a fake flower in search of sugar water is to understand the universe /// Jason Crane 28 July 2018 Canandaigua NY

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