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Trust vs. Vulnerability

My default mode is to trust people. I tend to think the best of people and to believe they are who they claim to be. I like living my life this way and want to keep doing it. In the … Continue reading

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Advice for new college students

Last summer I wrote a letter to someone I knew who was about to go to college. It was full of things I wish someone had said to me when I was 18. Or ever, really. I thought others might … Continue reading

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Why I love (and why I think you’ll love) Wittertainment

I really love movies. I don’t think I have exceptionally exacting tastes — I tend to enjoy being entertained and I usually don’t think a lot about what I’m watching, though like anyone there are films and genres I like … Continue reading

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Why I Talk About And Write About Sex

I often post things on social media that people find too explicit or too sexual. Poems, articles, what have you. I talk about these things for a very specific reason: I wish someone had talked about them when I was … Continue reading

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Charting A Course For The Next Part Of My Life

Not too long ago I had an enormous personal disappointment that turned into a major epiphany. Before I tell you about the epiphany, I want to fill in a little bit of background. I’ve written many times in recent years … Continue reading

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POEM: an American child born tomorrow

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