Civil Discourse, or, “Why, Jimmy Dore, Why?”

jimmyI’m a big fan of the comedian Jimmy Dore. I first learned about him from The Young Turks, a progressive internet news show. I like Jimmy’s take-no-prisoners honesty, and his unwillingness to overlook crimes committed by Democrats just because they’re Democrats.

I’m also a big fan of The Jimmy Dore Show, his podcast of news and comedy. There aren’t many podcasts that make me laugh out loud, but Jimmy’s regularly does. And it does more than that, too. Jimmy’s interviews are insightful and pointed, such as the interview on the most recent episode (Jan. 6, 2017) with reporter Glenn Greenwald.

For me, among the highlights of every episode are the phone calls. A very talented impressionist leaves voicemails or does live conversations as Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and many others. On the Jan. 6 episode, one of the calls was “Harrison Ford,” talking about Carrie Fisher. You can listen to the call for yourself at the top of this post. Please note that the audio is the property of The Jimmy Dore Show. I’m posting it here because I don’t want you to have to take my word for the content.

I was really surprised by the call. I thought it was tone deaf and misogynist and made light of mental illness, all things I find very uncharacteristic of Jimmy’s show. I think when public people make missteps, we can and should speak up. So I tweeted at Jimmy:

I got this in reply:

This is condescending and much more representative of what I’d expect from a less progressive person than Jimmy. I said as much:

And Jimmy replied again:

I sent one last comment:

Is this a big deal? No. It’s just disappointing. Jimmy’s not a hero of mine, but I respect his work both as a comedian and as a truth-teller. I expected better. But I guess this is where our culture is at these days.

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The Morning Mixtape: Direct Action

This morning on my show I talked about the importance of direct action, and gave both local and national examples. We don’t need to wait for anyone to save us. We can do it ourselves.

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I probably won’t be able to retire. Neither will almost anyone else I know. When did we give up on our quality of life? I’d be interested in starting an on-air series to talk about this if anyone wants to join me.

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The Morning Mixtape: Who Cares About The Homeless?

The new coat that doubles as a sleeping bag is all the rage on social media. Behind it lies the truth that we could feed and house everyone if we wanted to. We just don’t want to.

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The Morning Mixtape: Rice Krispies Radicals

Generally speaking I don’t tell people how to protest, but buying Kellogg’s products is not protest. Here’s why.

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