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POEM: Petals


“that which would kill you /
bursts into flowers”
— Jessica Smith

Soshin immortalized
an iris on the page.
She herself gone
at twenty-seven.
You & I seek
the same permanence;
faces turned toward the sun
till a breeze carries us away.

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Jason Crane
19 February 2020
State College PA

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BOOK REVIEW: What We’re Fighting For Now Is Each Other by Wen Stephenson

This is easily one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. Multiple times throughout this story of the climate crisis and the people fighting it, I had to set the book down and process what it made me feel. By the end it was as if a fire had been lit in my chest; a flame fueled by rage, a need for justice, a sense of crisis, and an overwhelming feeling of love. We need this book, but more importantly, we need to follow the lessons contained within it. I’ve been an organizer, often professionally, for my entire adult life. I’ve spent most of that time doing labor and anti-war organizing. In recent years I’ve been feeling a need to shift the focus of both my organizing and my broadcasting/podcasting work. What We’re Fighting For Now Is Each Other helped me sharpen that focus and prepare for the next phase of my life’s work. Highly, highly recommended. You can follow Wen Stephenson on Twitter.

[I need to thank climate justice writer Mary Annaïse Heglar for introducing me to this book via this essay. You can also follow Mary on Twitter.]

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POEM: 100 seconds

100 seconds

jumpin jack flash
gimme that frackin gas

horse shoes & hand grenades
as the men in my family used to say

nobody plays horse shoes anymore
but we still chuck them bombs

are we on foot or horseback?
sneakers laced or boots strapped?

pull me up I’m sinking
like the old cartoons with one, two,

three fingers in the air
all I can say is we gotta be there by now

with the clock at 100 seconds
& just time for one more drink

/ / /

Jason Crane
18 February 2020
State College PA

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HAIBUN: Un dia en Tucson

Un dia en Tucson

A coyote, or maybe a chicken, calls into the nearness as the sky lightens in the puddles from last night’s rain. Half-tame dogs hunt among the cholla & saguaro in the shadow of the cross. Saint Anthony, pray for us. [South Tucson, El Super] Tapatío Doritos! El Indio: two tamales: shredded beef, enchilada style. Served with rice & silky smooth frijoles refritos. Driving back through Oro Valley to Catalina with leopard-print mountains out the passenger window & a rainbow in the rear view. Hey baby, ¿qué pasó?

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Jason Crane
12 February 2020
Catalina, Arizona

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