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HAIBUN: Un dia en Tucson

Un dia en Tucson

A coyote, or maybe a chicken, calls into the nearness as the sky lightens in the puddles from last night’s rain. Half-tame dogs hunt among the cholla & saguaro in the shadow of the cross. Saint Anthony, pray for us. [South Tucson, El Super] Tapatío Doritos! El Indio: two tamales: shredded beef, enchilada style. Served with rice & silky smooth frijoles refritos. Driving back through Oro Valley to Catalina with leopard-print mountains out the passenger window & a rainbow in the rear view. Hey baby, ¿qué pasó?

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Jason Crane
12 February 2020
Catalina, Arizona

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POEM: Abstention


If, right now, they were to die,
I would not attend the funeral.
Already I hear the muttering of cousins,
the sotto voce accusations.
The time has come to stop keeping up appearances.
Let others mourn; I did my crying as a child.
I felt the sting & dreamed of death
both given & received.
I hid a mountain of dirt beneath my clothes.
Those who knew them less well
can toss handfuls into their darkness.

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Jason Crane
9 February 2020
State College PA

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POEM: Body Of Work

Body Of Work

I’d like to be judged
on my whole body of work.
Not the me you remember
from high school, when no one
was anyone yet. Not
as I was in my twenties,
scared into the wrong arms
by encroaching solitude
& a conditional childhood.
Yes you can take my thirties
in account, as I tried to be
who I’d been raised to be, failed
— or worse, succeeded —
struck out across a burning bridge
to save myself and my sons.
Tally up my forties, too;
full of shouts & quaking &
not yet complete.
Have you arrived at me
even now?

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Jason Crane
7 February 2020
State College PA

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POEM: Faith



I make another in a long series of bargains
as I lift myself out of the darkness:
For a moment I hear a familiar call
in the scripted homily of a TV nun.


As a child I lay on my bedroom floor
moving a tiny ball of light through my body.
I learned it from my aunt —
always ahead of her time.


I set my traps to ensnare the divine.
I define God out of existence.
But then what is the light
that shines through everything?

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Jason Crane
6 February 2020
State College PA

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POEM: *solitude


slumped over in the bathroom stall
hand against my forehead
I can see the pulse beating in my wrist

in my threadbare purple costume
I’m surprised to see proof of life
that’s what the cops call it, right?

when someone is taken hostage
the family doesn’t pay the ransom
until there’s a sign the abductee still lives

what’s my sign?
these words, dreamed up in the only part
of this building that allows for a moment of*

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Jason Crane
3 February 2020
State College PA

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POEM: Imbolc


I called to God in the night.
I knelt, I rose, I answered, I sang.
Beneath my shirt I hid my vow.
No one can say I didn’t try to keep it.

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Jason Crane
1 February 2020
State College PA

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