POEM: A Photograph Of Lenny

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If someone were to ask me to pick one person as a personal hero, Lenny Bruce is who I’d pick.

A Photograph Of Lenny

I write my poems
under a photo of Lenny Bruce.
He’s staring straight out at me,
denim-clad (maybe),
in front of a chain-link fence;
bags under his eyes
and a strap around his neck
that trails down
below the edge of the photo
so I can’t see what it supports.
When I look up to find him
staring at me, I feel exposed,
as if he’s challenging me:
“What are YOU doing about it?”
I think the answer is probably
not very much, Lenny,
but I’m trying.

11 Replies to “POEM: A Photograph Of Lenny”

  1. Hey, Jason. Like it. An alernative title could be ‘Under Lenny Bruce’. It carries the association of being an understudy, as well as sitting below his photo.

  2. This makes me think that “whose photo do you have up?” would make a neat prompt. In my case, I have a picture of Thich Nhat Hanh and The Little Rock 9 over my office desk.

    I enjoyed the visuals you manifested. (And Greg’s suggestion)

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