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POEM: brothers


in this photo they’re looking at one another
like they can’t think of anywhere they’d rather be
Bernie in a red sweatshirt, John in blue
they’re strapped into the seats like astronauts
waiting to be hoisted to the top of a tall tower
so they can plummet down screaming
the first time Bernie asked, John said no
but after a couple other rides at DelGrosso’s ā€“
Pharoah’s Fury and the Crazy Mouse ā€“
John changed his mind and they got in line
now, as they wait for the slow trip upward
Bernie is reaching out to John, maybe
asking his little brother to hold his hand
more for Bernie’s comfort than for John’s
standing at the base of the tower
I’m bursting with love for these two boys
certain that moving here was the right decision
when they come down, I’ll be waiting for them

22 September 2013
State College, PA

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