POEM: cautious love poem


cautious love poem

last night I dreamt about [REDACTED]
she was kissing me in front of [REDACTED]
I remember the time [REDACTED]
and I went to [REDACTED] on something
that wasn’t a date because [REDACTED]
had already said no to me
we talked about our colleagues
like the sweetness of [REDACTED]
and what makes [REDACTED] such a diva
how neither of us had really liked
a recent performance by [REDACTED]
at [REDACTED], one of [REDACTED]’s
most popular spots for [REDACTED] music
I walked [REDACTED] to the [REDACTED]
along a street that was perfectly aligned
with the slowly rising harvest moon
a stronger person than I would have stopped
thinking about [REDACTED] long ago
but for some reason I’ve never been able
to get [REDACTED] out of my head
I haven’t seen [REDACTED] since last summer
we got lunch at [REDACTED], talked about life
I promise I’m not one of those people
who’s always sizing up the other person
as a dating prospect or a potential mate
but with [REDACTED], it was trouble
the very first second we met at [REDACTED]’s place
it was like a Hepburn-Tracy film
full of fast talking and sharp wit and laughter
ever since then, [REDACTED] has been inside me
squirming around, gnawing away
but now I’ve finally decided to just say it:
I love [REDACTED] and I don’t care
if the whole world knows!

31 May 2013
Auburn AL

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