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POEM: Mission: T Minus One Day


Mission: T Minus One Day

some radio wag called it
“a homicide mission”
said NASA would be
murdering whomever they sent
but doesn’t murder imply
the murdered person is unwilling?
I am both the bullet and the target
about to be shot from this planet
on a one-way trip to see God
or at least the god of war
atop his red throne, shrouded
in a planet-sized dust storm
a few months from now
I’ll be digging a cave in the dirt
hoping my suit doesn’t fail
but today I’m turning in the keys
to my last-ever apartment
putting one photo in my wallet

4 July 2013
Auburn AL

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Starting on July 4, 2013, I’m writing a series of poems from the point of view of an astronaut traveling on a one-way mission to Mars. These poems were inspired by this podcast by the appropriately named Roman Mars. His show 99% Invisible is fabulous.

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