POEM: my first night in Japan


my first night in Japan
(for the Inoue family)

I slept for twenty-four hours
at least that’s how I
remember it happening

then we had miso soup with
tiny clams in the bottom
of each wooden bowl

we were seated around
a dining room table
on regular chairs

all things I’d been told
not to expect to find
10,000 miles from home

it was my host mom, brother
two sisters and me;
obaasan ate in her own room

we brought her a tray, some
for her, some for the shrine
to her late husband

it was when we put our hands
together to remember him
that I fell in love with Japan

19 November 2013
Oak Street

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2 Responses to POEM: my first night in Japan

  1. Dale Short says:

    Jason: Very nice. What year were you there? I have to recommend this beautiful memoir about Japan by a friend of mine in Birmingham…

  2. Jason Crane says:

    Thanks, Dale. I was there from 91-92 and again from 96-98.

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