POEM: the band across the river

City, New York skyline

the band across the river

we sit in silence, looking across the river
New Jersey shines like a constellation
eventually the quiet is broken
by a loud cover band on the Jersey side
a Bob Seeger song drifts across the water
we both laugh as we wonder if this is the end
it is, though we won’t know for sure for weeks yet
a man on the next bench strikes up a conversation
it’s one in the morning and we’re all enjoying
the silky feeling of a summer night in New York
after a while we stand, say goodbye to our new friend
walk off in search of a train that will take us back
to our hotel room in Brooklyn, the place we’re staying
because we no longer have a home together
and the home was just a room anyway
and everything is ending slowly
and the band across the river plays Mustang Sally

4 August 2013
Auburn AL

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