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POEM: The comfort of your body beside me

The comfort of your body beside me

in the hours after midnight
is not that you will always be there
but that you’re there now.
I don’t believe in forever.
I think I did as a child, kneeling
at the altar rail, feeling the slight
pressure of a hand on the back
of my head as I spoke the lines of
the confirmation prayer. That pressure
is gone now, as is the belief that led
me to my knees then and so many times
before. I am not without conviction
in my middle years; nor am I without
faith of a sort. If I reach out my hand
just a few inches I’ll feel your skin
warm and soft under the electric
blanket. I do that from time to time,
reminding myself to take nothing
for granted. I still fall to my knees
to worship, too, though I give tongue
to different prayers. Both of us
together, one body. Amen.


Jason Crane
14 November 2018
State College PA

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