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POEM: this year we’ve decided to grow things

this year we’ve decided to grow things

I’m excited
when I was married, my wife
always wanted to garden
but I was never interested
I let her choose the seeds, tend
our community plot across town
her father was a farmer at the end
& she inherited some of his genes

I didn’t come from planting people
if anyone in my family ever
grew a vegetable
it certainly escaped my notice

now, though, things are changing
I guess the first thing growing is me
because living this way
with everything packaged & planned
& focus-grouped
it’s killing me slowly
it’s killing us all slowly

so this year we’ve decided
to grow things, Owen & me
in the little spaces around
the apartment & maybe in the yard
if the landlord says it’s OK

someday soon we might live
where there’s no landlord
& we can do what we want
with the ground beneath our feet

maybe we’ll all live that way

/ / /

Jason Crane
27 Feb 2017
State College PA

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