POEM: types of showers

types of showers

type #45: after you work up a sweat at the gym

type #7: on a cold winter morning when the fire has died down

type #86: with your lover, in which you wash each other

type #86b: with your lover, in which you never get around to washing

type #17: sitting on the toilet, holding a crying baby as the air fills with steam

type #63: after a long walk in the woods on a hot summer day

type #6: following a slip in the mud

type #38: as the last hope to cure a stuffy nose

type #91: in which the running water obscures your tears

type #22: where your mom yells at you to get out before you use up all the hot water

type #4: teaching your young son how to scrub up

type #99: the one that goes long because you’re listening to Star Wars Minute

type #84: the brief one after the hot water has run out

type #32: the one that kills time in the hotel

type #13: when your housemate flushes the toilet and you scream

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Jason Crane
13 February 2018
Pittsburgh PA

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