POEM: up dog


up dog

the part I can’t explain
is the light
those two beams
shooting down into the photo
like there’s an open door
to the sky
at the top of the frame
it just occurred to me
they may not be coming down
maybe they’re trails
left by something going up
not a dog, presumably
perhaps a very small ship
carrying an iPod full of music
to the very edge of the universe
I hope this photo is on the ship
because I’d like whoever receives it
to believe we spend our time
looking for beauty
within our own bodies

3 June 2013
Auburn AL

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I’m writing a poem a day in 2013. During June, each day’s poem will be inspired by a photo of writer Arielle Brousse doing yoga. I’ve been a fan of her writing for years. These days, Arielle curates The Sensible Nonsense Project, a collection of writing about people’s favorite childhood books. Thank you to Arielle for allowing me to use the photos, and for all the entertaining and inspiring writing she’s done over the years.

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