POEM: what the world needs now


what the world needs now

more photos of you in a bathroom mirror
more TV shows about people arguing
more ways to eat chicken
more screens in the palms of our hands
more private contractors monitoring us
more long-distance shots of stars’ genitalia
more creative ways to drink sugar
more things to yell at women on the street
more unmanned aerial vehicles
more canvas bags of money on Capitol Hill
more places to connect on social media
more miles of tar sands pipeline
more food photos with 22,000 dead children daily
more front lawns and golf courses in Tuscon
more teaching to the test
more #hashtags
more laws written with the Bible in mind
more fuel made from dinosaurs
more people by themselves in cars
more self-help books
more corporate music
more shame about the wrong things
more images to make us feel inadequate
more bags and boxes for our stuff
more private insurance
more Google
more middle-of-the-road public radio news
more they said they said journalism
more false equivalence
more guns
more bullets
more words
less action

12 August 2013
Auburn AL

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