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More evidence that either God or Al Roker hates gays

From a Facebook exchange today. You need to read the initial link for the rest to make sense. Sonya posted a link. The Tornado, the Lutherans, and Homosexuality “What do you all think?” Will: WOW! I’m sure they’ll miss the … Continue reading

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Bigotry and plain language

Yesterday I posted this uncharacteristic message as my Facebook status: “Hey, all you opponents of gay marriage: F*CK YOU! (What? That’s not helpful? Oh, sorry. But, uh, f*ck you bigots anyway, OK?)” This, as you might imagined, generated quite a … Continue reading

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On open source software and our electoral system

Dan Wallach wrote an interesting piece today titled Open Source vs. Disclosed Source Voting Systems, in which he discusses the need for open source software to be used in our voting machines if we’re to have any hope of electoral … Continue reading

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Evangelism (the open source kind)

Software journalist Bruce Byfield has an interesting post today about free software evangelism and why he keeps his mouth shut at parties. I tend to feel — and act — this way regarding most evangelism. It’s usually not fun to … Continue reading

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Constitutional scholar apparently needs to brush up on Constitution

Look, I know the guy’s a centrist, OK? I know he’s not the Messiah. But I’m still quite disappointed: In a stunning defense of President George W. Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program, President Barack Obama has broadened the government’s legal argument … Continue reading

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The Democrats’ debt to the people of New Orleans

Melissa Harris-Lacewell and James Perry co-authored this piece for The Nation. Here’s an excerpt: When New Orleans flooded in August 2005, the Democratic Party was a shambles, locked out of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. … Continue reading

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