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My coworkers Grace and Kelsey were talking about being able to recognize which customers had used which cups based on lipstick color. I said I was going to start wearing red lipstick to throw them off. Kelsey suggested I’d be better in purple … and said she had some with her. Thus, the photo above. I think I look fetching.

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  1. Gina Marie Thompson 5 February 2015

    I can’t…. even…. did you put it on yourself? Was there a mirror involved?

    It does bring out your eyes…

  2. Jenn Weinzierl-Binus 6 February 2015

    Oh, Sweet Jesus! Thank you for this! You have now worn more makeup than I have worn in my entire life, but thank you, thank you! And Gina is right, it does look nice with your eyes.

  3. Jenn Weinzierl-Binus 6 February 2015

    Did you wear it the rest of the night or did you take it off? Thank you for this!

  4. Jason Crane 6 February 2015 — Post Author

    I wore it the rest of the night. OF COURSE. 🙂

  5. Kristine (KarissaBean) 10 February 2015

    I like your necklace! The lipstick is ok.

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