Your favorite TV themes: Day 1

I asked you to suggest your favorite TV themes. You responded with more than 80 shows! Here’s the first batch, in the order they were mentioned. Come back tomorrow for more!

The clear winner: “Sanford & Son” (“The Streetbeater”) by Quincy Jones. OK, this one wasn’t mentioned first, but it was certainly cited the greatest number of times. It was listed by Dmitri Matheny, Chris Kelsey, Mike West, Brett Porter, Taylor Haskins, Matt Casarino, Ras Moshe, and Annine Everson.

“Welcome Back” by John Sebastian. In my opinion, the greatest TV theme of all time. It was my assertion of that fact that started this discussion. Richard Biever also had this on his list, as did Carter DeShazo.

“Chico And The Man” by Jose Feliciano. Cheryl Rice responded to my “Welcome Back” post with this song. For me, this would be #2 on my list.

“Hey Arnold!” by Jim Lang. Ben Weisinger (@benwiz on Twitter) listed this next theme, for a cartoon I’ve never seen. This show ran on Nickelodeon from 1996-2004. The theme was written by Jim Lang, who’s also written the music for several Ron Howard films.

“The Magic School Bus” by Peter Lurye and performed by Little Richard. Yes, that Little Richard. This is another one from Ben Weisinger’s list.

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