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POEM: Tomorrow the wedding

I wrote this in Oakland, CA, in October 2008 while getting ready for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

Oakland photo (c) Jason Crane
Oakland photo (c) Jason Crane

Tomorrow the Wedding
for Amy & Michele

Tomorrow the wedding

      today hauling cans of soda,
      bottles of beer.

Phone: the Italian groom

      carrying a bouquet of balloons
      back to the apartment.


      eastern family, recently landed,
      descended from the pure blue.

Our temporary hilltop home,

      where we sit silently
      on the sun-warmed porch,
      looking out over Oakland
      at the glittering bay beyond.

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  1. Amy Amy

    Wow what a great poem, I feel honored! It was a beautiful day, thanks again for all of your help lugging bottles around : )

  2. Robyn Allgeyer Robyn Allgeyer

    So you are a poetry lover, too! Really lovely poem. Do you know of Oscar Treadwell – the late jazz dj and poet from Cincinnati? He donated his complete archives of programs to WVXU, 91.7 FM. You can hear the replays every Sunday 9-11 pm EST at He incorporates reading poetry w/the music. Did you receive the Annie Sellick CD?

  3. I do know Oscar’s work, but I didn’t realize his replays were available. Very cool.

    I did receive the CD, although I haven’t listened to it yet. Thanks very much.

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