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POEM: on Tuesday, all as one

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This was an idea I had for a short story, but I decided to try it as a poem.

on Tuesday, all as one

on Tuesday, all as one,
every creature on earth
experienced a moment
of pure happiness

not the exhilaration
of acquisition
nor the momentary joy
of orgasm,

but a feeling that all
was in its place
and the way ahead
was clear

no babies cried,
no dogs howled,
and the sleepers sighed
and unclenched their fists

a smile stole
across the face of a boy
sitting beside
a baobab tree,

and two lovers
turned toward one another,
their quarrel

babies born
at that instant
entered the world

their mothers and fathers
from beneath mortgage payments
and piles of bills

as the clinical beeps turned
to a tone
and she released
his thin hand,

a daughter saw
her father’s brow
un-knit and watched the pain
pass away

shafts of sunlight
across the needed places
of the world

and on the other side
a starry night greeted
watchmen, nurses
and late-shift taxi drivers

voices lowered,
index fingers relaxed,
jaw muscles loosened
shoulders dropped

in the coffee shop
on the corner
near the library,
everyone was laughing

and the child hiding
in the boys bathroom
stepped out
into the school hallway

true, the moment passed,
but forever after,
strangers passing in the street
caught one another’s eye

and some would grin
and some would smile
and some would simply look,

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  1. Good poem. I remember having a look from a stranger several times right after 9/11. That feeling passed too. I dream about a few things more than others. Like the cities revitalized by having all the empty buildings renovated for performance spaces, rehearsal space, studios for film, writing, art and dance. I want to see everyone made whole that lost their home in the hurricane so their kids get back their friends who had to move, their aunts and uncles and grandparents and their schools. Our friends are still in Georgia and still await the money they were promised.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Roger.

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