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POEM: Returning Zephyr

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My friend Matt and I found an unaccompanied dog while we were walking to lunch yesterday. His tag told us that his name was Zephyr and that he lived a few blocks away. We took him home.

Photo by Matt Leon

Returning Zephyr

everyone just
wants to go home
curled up
on the rug
in front of the fire
he was there
on the sidewalk
unattended, unafraid
you’ve felt that way, too
still, though
we felt we should
take him home
someone must be
missing him
calling his name
first warm week
here he was
still, though
we felt we should
take him home
why wasn’t someone
out looking?
no one answered
the phone, ringing
no one answered
the bell, ringing
then she was there
completely unaware
that he was missing
still, though
we left him there

* * *

I think
he would have
been just as happy
to come with us

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