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POEM: Comedy Gold

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Comedy Gold
(for Jeff Vrabel)

laughter is the energy, compassion
the generator, a limitless supply
impervious to disruption
like the golden sun that permits flight

it’s a super-power, being liked
not everyone has it
some folks are more Kryptonite
than hoped-for hero

you don’t need the phone booth
although you’re always near it
when the call comes, ready
to rip buttons and leap

gold isn’t the right metaphor,
either, because gold is too soft
you can put marks in it
with your teeth, like a marshmallow

steel is more apt, or maybe iron
something that carries the idea
of strength, durability, conviction
you can throw what you will

at a steel pole or an iron bar
and it will be there when you’re done
scratched, maybe, but otherwise
just the same as when you left it,

no matter how long ago that was
that’s a promise on which no price
can be placed, to which no value
can be attached; it just is, thankfully

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  1. Oh, Supes – all those superpowers and he’s still bitching about not having an appropriate dressing room!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this – especially the lines “because gold is too soft/ you can put marks in it/ with your teeth, like a marshmallow.” Good stuff.

    • Thanks, Jenna. I appreciate your visit and your comments.

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