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POEM: This pervasive inequality that we call choice

Listen to this poem using the player above.

I enjoy the visual work of Joanne Johns, whose blog I highly recommend. Today’s offering is in that spirit. As for the text: When you include multiple links in a Facebook status update, a window pops up asking you to type in two words to prove that you’re human and not a spambot. I’ve been saving those words for a while now, and this poem uses all of the words I’ve saved, plus some others thrown in for good measure. The title of the poem comes from a quotation from Melissa Harris-Lacewell, whose work I respect very much.

Click the image to see a larger version.

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  1. Awesome 🙂

    Getting words from the Captcha boxes is a pretty cool idea – looks like there were some good ones!

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. Jason,
    So well done!

  3. @Joanne: Thanks for the inspiration!

    @Pamela: I appreciate that, Pamela. Thanks for coming by.

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