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  1. Lenny Bruce at eighty-five. Can you even imagine?

    “”George W. Bush….Dig this: Forty-five years ago when LBJ became president – and this is just my perspective as an ethnocentric northerner – I could imagine him shoveling horse shit on a farm twenty miles outside of Galveston – that’s it, Jim. Not as president, are you kidding me? Whenever Johnson said the word “Negro” it always came out sounding like “NIGGER-OH”! Really! But Bush? Compared to that guy, Johnson is starting to sound like Noel Coward! Emmis! And I can’t even fathom Lyndon doing that ‘Bring ‘em on’ bit! Never! It’s just so….Pheeewww….Forget about it, man. It’s too weird”

    Lenny Bruce, 2010
    (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)

    Happy birthday, Lenny!

    Tom Degan

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