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Small world moments

Several things happened today that reminded me how we’re all connected.

First, a poem I wrote ended up on a show I love, The Basketball Jones. The poem was inspired by a line one of the hosts said on the show and I Tweeted him about it. I certainly never expected it would be read on the show. The reading was hilarious, as were the hosts’ comments afterward.

Second, in the comments for that episode of the show, one of the viewers said that in addition to The Basketball Jones, his other favorite show is The Jazz Session. How crazy is that?

Finally, I went to a job counseling meeting yesterday that was part of the requirements for my unemployment benefits. Today I got an email from a guy saying that he was sitting behind me at the session yesterday and that he’s a fan of and follows me on Twitter.

Totally crazy.

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  1. totally freaky. and that’s what makes life great!

  2. mac mac

    Hey Jason, I’m the guy you’re refereing to and I have to say I was equally surprised that you were a basketball and TBJ fan (because I didn’t previously visit your own website, only the Jazz Sessions page. Congrats on the poem and thank you for your work on the sessions (especially inviting all that musicians outside out the mainstream of jazz – it was [and still is] a real pleasure to hear from some of the great underrecognized artists I admire)

    • Hi Mac – Thanks so much for the kind words about the show. It’s great to come across people with similar interests.

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