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POEM: no fences (for Amy Cervini)

I saw Amy Cervini‘s “Jazz Country” band at 55 Bar tonight. Amy was joined by Steve Cardenas, Anat Cohen and Ike Sturm. The music was gorgeous and this poem was inspired by the first song they played. I won’t name the song so you won’t have the melody and lyrics running through your head when you read the poem. And I shouldn’t have to point out, but I will, that although this is written in the first person, this is not a love poem from me to the happily married Ms. Cervini. Cool? Cool. There have been enough jazz feuds without me starting another! Anyway, enjoy the poem and go see this band.

From Amy Cervini's "Jazz Country" & Victor Prieto Trio

no fences
(for Amy Cervini)

if you had a horse
and I had a horse
we could ride horses
through our crooked village
with our clarinets
making all the children laugh
you in your circled dress
me in whatever a nearsighted fool
wears on a horse
no steeplechase for us
because our village has no fences
just streets that meet at oblique angles
and plenty of space for the angels
of our better nature to sally forth
with the sun on their wings
and clear water in their canteens
there may not be mountains
but we can see the tall buildings
and they’ll do

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  1. Amy Amy

    I don’t think I ever told you how beautiful this is. Lovely. I may set it to music if that’s okay by you.

  2. Thank you, Amy. The poem had a lovely Muse, which helped. 🙂

    And it would be more than OK to set it to music. I’d be thrilled.

  3. […] wrote this tonight while listening to Amy Cervini at The 55 Bar in NYC. I wrote a poem the last time I saw Amy Cervini, too. This one is a combination of autobiography (although less so than in many […]

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