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POEM: avalanche

I used to post readings along with all my poems. It’s a little harder to do that with the gear I have in NYC, but given the response to my readings in this interview, I’ve decided to start doing it again. So you can listen to this poem via the player above, and read the text below.

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it didn’t start out that way
I promise
at first there was just you
walking down 7th Avenue South
readjusting to a body in rebellion
I knew it was you from a block away
because you’d warned me
not knowing me well
so all at once we became real
and then
and then there was more
jazz clubs and cafes
apartments full of foreign adventurers
free flowers from the maitre d’
your ever-present smile
and then
and then there was even more than that
very slowly
like the first ice pellets
foretelling the avalanche
I looked up to see the wall of snow
crashing down around me
I raised my arms
let it fall

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