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POEM: caught in the St. Mary’s Current

caught in the St. Mary’s Current

the guide’s singsong voice
like the constant winding
of a siren calls our attention
to the left or right of the captain
to see the sights of Montreal
owned by American multinationals
sold to save what the city itself
can no longer support
it’s 800 kilometers to the Atlantic
250 to what the guide calls
“salted water” as if God had
seasoned it to his taste
we cross the angry current
named after the Mother of Christ
the part of the river no ship can
navigate without being torn
asunder by concealed rocks
in the stern are two men with
identical haircuts and sunglasses
either lovers or brothers
they haven’t said a word
a cup of Earl Grey is cooling
on a metal table on the deck
a birthday treat

10 September 2012

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