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POEM: The Chimichanga Kid

The Chimichanga Kid

I’m wired and exhausted;
reading Anthony Bourdain
while I daydream about Tucson.
Right now all I want from life
is a carne seca chimichanga
elegante style —
from El Charro.
Then, full and content,
we’ll hop on the scooter
to head out into the desert
so we can watch
the slow march of a storm
as it lays siege to the city.
T-shirts in February.
Same city, different partner.
Funny what a difference that makes.
(We – the first “we” – never watched
our wedding video. The second “we”
never made one.) I’m not afraid of
scorpions or tarantulas.
And I’ve been living in fear
of my fellow man long enough.
Hand me some fry bread.
Let’s roll!

/ / /

Jason Crane
15 January 2020
State College PA

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