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POEM: Hitchhiking To Avalon

Hitchhiking To Avalon

(Beside the road waiting for a ride.)
Do you think tomorrow will come? she asks.
He’s flummoxed:
I’m not sure how I’ll feel if it does.
(Fading light, gas station sign against the
How far is it to Avalon? he asks.
She’s uncertain:
I don’t think it’s that long a trip.
If we get a ride.
(Electric sunrise over the hill.)
Are those headlights? she asks.
He’s hopeful:
Yeah looks like it.
(An old Ford pickup slows to a stop.)
Avalon? he asks the driver,
who motions them into the truck bed.
The tires kick up dust.
They’re gone.


1 April 2021
State College PA
For Irene and Andrea

Published in My poems NaPoWriMo2021 Poetry


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