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POEM: star stuff

star stuff

I honestly don’t know how you did it
not the sitting under the tree bit
that I can more or less understand
it was all the stuff before that
leaving home behind
starving yourself
attacking your own body
all for a chance at true vision
who does that?
at that point the tree must have
seemed like a relief
even though you were starving
a little shade
maybe some support for your back
and then the gift of rice from the young woman
I think I’ve got that part right
by the time the dawn star rose
feeling one with everything
was a natural result
“I’ve reduced myself
to the barest essentials,
to the star stuff of which
we’re all composed”
I made up that quote but still

/ / /

23 April 2021
State College PA
for Siddartha Gautama
the Buddha

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