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POEM: Party lolly!

Party lolly!

Ow! This is daisy tangs, ow! this is Death Valley,
This man tag knees, this boys, this new ages, this merse.
Party lolly sole hey! Party lolly ether!
Party lolly lay con fins, this spheric toilet.

Say, Louis, don’t lay pens, come this all wet
Verse less see you loom a tan, pray not one lea brazier,
— Key plane, sir lovey, ate some prawns and effort
Lull and gauge this floors ate this show’s moot!

/ / /

2 April 2022
Latham NY

A homophonic translation of the first and last stanza of “Élévation” by Charles Baudelaire, as suggested by another of Charles Bernstein’s experiments.

(NaPoWriMo Day 2)

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