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All my NaPoWriMo 2022 poems (are belong to us)

“All baboons come down!”
“Party lolly!”
“Two-Minute Warning”
“[x] Baby [x]”
“The World’s Saddest Lightsaber”
“My Grandfather’s Hands”
“Walter Rodney”
“Undershirt Blues”
Oh, Mexico”
“Call The Doctor”
“He Is Rising”
“I Have To Believe”
“Ode To The A Space And/In Time Memorial”
“Proof Of Life”
“Sunwich On Rye”
“Waiting For The Orchestra”
“A Poem About Tea”
Free Chips And Salsa”
Death Mass”
“Captain John Deere”
“This Poem Has A Puzzle In It”

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  1. […] and more about being slowly buried. Art can amplify the bad as well as the good. Looking back at most of the poems I wrote in April, I can see a terrifying darkness and despair. And I wonder whether writing a poem every day was […]

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