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Scorpio full moon tarot reading

Thanks as always to Seeds of Shakti for the spread.

1. Scorpio is extremely intensive, emotional, and highly intuitive. As a water sign, what old wounds will Scorpio help to illuminate, cleanse and heal? (Ten of Swords) This can be a card about healing painful endings. I’ve recently made a decision that seeks to find new peace in a place that previously represented pain. I hope the solace implied in the background of this card is what I’ll find.

2. What aspect of my life is undergoing a potent transformation? (The Hanged Man) Like the hanged man, it’s time for me to view the old world from a new perspective. And to do it through an intentional choice.

3. How can I magnify my senses to experience pleasure? (Six of Pentacles) I’m trying to make choices that are more about giving than receiving. I don’t have much in the way of material resources, but I do have my time and my love and care, and there are people for whom those would be worthwhile gifts.

4. What illusions do I need to break through? (Four of Swords) A good reminder to renew my focus on contemplation and meditation and emotional recovery.

5. What suppressed feelings will surface during the Scorpio full moon to unravel insights? (Queen of Cups) I’m at my best when I’m connected with my emotions, but when they don’t control my every action or overpower my ability to think.

6. Message from the ancestors. (The Lovers) The relationships in my life are what give it meaning. I need to spend more of my time and energy being present for them and cultivating them. That can also mean being near them.

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