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Sagittarius new moon tarot reading

A reading for the Sagittarius new moon. It’s actually tomorrow but I felt like I was in a good space to do the reading tonight. Thanks as always to for the spread.

1. What medicine does the Sagittarius new moon offer? (Nine of Wands, reversed) Upright, this card is about testing faith; and reversed it’s about inner resources. Both of those feel very applicable to what I’m doing right now, which is trying to follow a career path for the first time ever and receiving very little response from my efforts. I really do feel like now is the time to dig in and to keep going.

2. What visions should I follow and not ignore? (Five of Pentacles, reversed) Reversed this suggests recovery from financial loss. Again, very applicable to the state in which I find myself. As has been the case for the past two years, my goal these days is to get to a place of stability. I haven’t felt safe in a long time.

3. How can I connect with the element of fire to help me manifest my new moon intentions over the next 28 days? (Seven of Wands) The main concept that jumps out to me here is perseverance. I’ve set myself a year-end deadline (of a sort) and I need to continue to do the things that are mostly likely to lead to my goal. The next 28 days will take me almost to the end of the year.

4. Where should I look for inspiration when I don’t feel passionate or lack the motivation to follow my dreams? (Temperance, reversed) This carries a message of realignment and self-healing. I sure am trying. In one sense I’m finally working to align my life plan with my skills. And I’m looking for a stable place to be that will help me continue the very slow healing I’ve been doing over the past two years.

5. What type of higher learning or self-development should I pursue in the new year to help me expand spiritually? (Knight of Pentacles, reversed) The guide I consulted for this reading used this phrase as part of its description of this knight: “He is in no hurry, preferring to assess and plan his path ahead before taking action.” Again I think this speaks to the need to stay on the road I’ve mapped out. Yes the map is vague in some ways, but the destination is clear. For me it would be a major achievement to plan something and carry it out. That’s not how I normally operate these days.

6. Message from the ancestors. (The Emperor, reversed) This is a warning about both lack of discipline and inflexibility. I think that’s helpful. The discipline is to keep pointing myself toward my goal, but I need flexibility to deal with a path to that goal that I might not expect.

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