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Virgo full moon tarot reading

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  1. What medicine does the Virgo full moon offer? (Strength, reversed) Despite some recent good news, I am definitely struggling in light of the major hurdles that still need to be overcome before my life is anything approaching stable. Reversed, this card carries a message of inner strength, which I definitely need. And which I also have. That’s important to remember.
  2. What area in my life needs more structure and organization? (Three of Pentacles, reversed) Reversed, this card refers to being out of alignment and to working alone. I’m going to take it as a reminder to focus on staying in touch with my inner circle. That’s especially important as I’m about to move to a brand new place and start a new job with people I don’t know.
  3. What lifestyle changes would my body, heart and mind benefit from? (The Hierophant) I stepped away from my spiritual practice last year and I haven’t gone back. On its face this card would seem to suggest a reexamination of that decision, but I still feel it was the right move for now. However, I might need to find another way to focus on my interior spiritual life. Like finally starting morning pages, perhaps.
  4. What project that has been on the back burner forever needs to be revisited and completed? (Judgement) This card can be about new beginnings and about the ending of one phase and the beginning of another. I can’t really say that’s been on the back burner, or that it will ever be completed, but I certainly need to be working on building community in my new surroundings.
  5. Message from the ancestors. (The Hermit, reversed) Reversed, this card speaks to isolation and loneliness and withdrawal. I would say that’s the theme of this entire reading: Leaning on the people I already have, and looking for a new community in Charlottesville.

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