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POEM: “We got to the top but we didn’t see anything.”

“We got to the top but we didn’t see anything.”

It feels like a put-on.
Is it a put-on?
An early 20th century coinage.
Following the pattern of
It’s a choice like any other.
The next step.
That’s all.
Sometimes you spend too long
climbing a hill and when you
reach the summit
the whole damn thing
is covered in clouds.
No views at all.
“Valency counts all arguments,
including the subject.”
That’s what I mean.
Take it all into consideration.
Stop making plans
for what follows.
What follows is too far away.

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13 March 2023
State College PA

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One Comment

  1. Dave Dave

    Sometimes the absence of a view is the best view, depending on how your imagination works. Nothing more literally atmospheric than a wander in the clouds!

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