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POEM: On The Last Night Of My 40s

On The Last Night Of My 40s

On the last night of my 40s
I had dinner with my former wife
and my current sister.
French dips and Thai wings
in a 19th-century Pennsylvania tavern.
I talked with a friend about chess,
traded jokes with my son,
and listened to the crickets
sing through a gentle rain.
Tomorrow is the big day.
A half-century.
I’m not where I thought I’d be.
But I’m still here, and that counts.

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9 September 2023
State College PA

This is poem 50 in a series called 50 Days Till 50 Years. I’m writing a poem a day for the 50 days leading up to my 50th birthday. I’m going to try to focus on memories of my past, and the people who inhabited it.

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