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POEM: The Upstairs Neighbors Stomp

The Upstairs Neighbors Stomp

The upstairs neighbors stomp
like they were never taught to be quiet;
were never told they were taking up
too much space;
were never given love
only to have it taken away.
They crash across the hardwood floor
like people who are sure they belong;
who expect others to make do;
who deserve not just physical room
but sonic space as well.
The downstairs neighbor listens to music
with headphones after a certain hour;
doesn’t do laundry at night;
tries to close doors quietly.
The downstairs neighbor knows
it can all go south at any moment;
the solid ground can melt away;
the love once thought permanent
can steal away in the night like a thief.

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9 April 2024
Charlotteville VA
NaPoWriMo Day 9

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