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POEM: If You’d Let Me, I’d Fall Into You Forever

If You’d Let Me, I’d Fall Into You Forever

Into the taste of you, the scent of you,
Into the sound of your laughter,
into the deep-field galaxies in your eyes.

I would travel through the universe of you,
exploring the worlds inside you,
your thoughts that light the skies.

If you’d let me, I’d love you with everything I have,
with the parts of me I haven’t yet discovered,
with all my will and wonder.

I would sing you every song,
write you every line,
awaken to the desire and joy of you.

You are who I hoped I’d find,
after I finally found myself,
the dream at the end of my rainbow heart. 

And if you’d let me,
really let me,
I’d fall into you forever.

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