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POEM: Waiting For The Orchestra

Waiting For The Orchestra

I’m in the gallery, as high up in the concert hall
as it’s possible to go without wings.
High enough and steep enough
to just slightly trigger my fear of heights.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned
over this long comedy of errors,
it’s that music saves me when all else fails.
A trumpeter in khaki shorts is warming up.
A harpist is tuning to the piano.
I came early for the pre-concert talk,
beating everyone except four elderly folks in their box.
The room is majestic even without the music.
It reminds me to be awed.
That’s important, in these days of scarcity.

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24 April 2022
Troy, NY

(NaPoWriMo Day 24)

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I’m sitting under fluorescent lights, half-awake and digesting a lemon-poppy muffin. Are poppy seeds the opiate of breakfast? I’m scanning the wires on a slow Monday for anything that rises to the level of news. There ain’t much. There may be a million stories in the naked city, but up here in the fully-clothed suburbs excitement is thin on the ground. I listen to the first bars of a jangly song from 1990. It sounds like many of the the jangly songs from 1990, with a singer more or less hitting the intended pitches and the guitarist carrying the weight. I can see through the studio’s Venetian blinds that the sun is up. We’re so far from Venice, in every meaningful way. A friend said the war in Ukraine is the international conflict version of a white woman being kidnapped. I google “Yemen” and try to catch up.

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21 March 2022
Latham NY