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Category: Auburn

POEM: wheat


yesterday I drove past the wheat field
where you pulled me to the ground
kissed me like our time was up
which it very nearly was

a few weeks between admission & ending
a small window through which to view
a world we couldn’t reach

you’re the last of the volumes to put away
beside childhood dreams & lost geographies
then I’ll close the door on this old library
let the wheat grow over the remains

/ / /

6 April 2021
Auburn AL
for F

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POEM: Turtles, finally

Turtles, finally

I used to write about turtles.
It was a long time ago.
Back when I thought absence
really did make the heart grow fonder.
Then I saw a dead turtle on the road in Alabama.
I’m not a believer in signs, but I got the hint.
The next time we met it was over.
When, a decade later, you asked
if I remembered your partner’s name,
I realized it had never begun.

/ / /

Jason Crane
29 January 2020
State College PA

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haiku: 1 December 2013


the streets are full of shouting
in the southern college town
where the last second counted

30 November 2013
Oak Street

[Photo: Melissa Humble, Auburn University Photo Services]

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POEM: another farewell

another farewell

after 37 moves you’d think
I’d be an expert at saying goodbye
but every farewell is bittersweet
with each handshake or hug
I leave a little piece of me
in the care of a friend
after 37 moves, I worry
there isn’t much left
but with each handshake or hug
my friends give me a piece
of themselves to take with me

30 August 2013
my last night in
Auburn, AL

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POEM: kissing Jane


kissing Jane

the entire poem
is in the title
except that he
never did it

28 August 2013
Auburn, AL

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Alabama: space is the place


Alabama: space is the place

saw a Saturn 1B rocket
towering over the trees
as I entered Alabama
not far from where
Sonny Blount was born

27 August 2013
Elkmont, AL

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