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Category: Birds

haiku: 28 April 2020

Cat Stevens’ voice breaks
when he sings the word “listen.”
Hummingbird flies off.

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POEM: window bird

window bird

in the morning,
bold action!

in the afternoon,
quiet contemplation

in the nighttime,
deepest sadness

a sparrow sings knowingly
outside my window

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Jason Crane
17 October 2019
State College PA

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haiku: 25 August 2018

nuthatch drops three seeds
finds the fourth acceptable
returns to the trees

State College PA

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POEM: unified field theory

unified field theory

to watch a hummingbird
poke its long snout
into a fake flower
in search of sugar water
is to understand the universe


Jason Crane
28 July 2018
Canandaigua NY

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